The 5 Reasons Brilliant Women Hide Their Light

 If there's something that frustrates me to the ends of the Earth, it's this ongoing narrative that the reason that women fear being seen is because they "Lack Confidence". 

Look, I’m not saying that women (as though we’re a monolith) couldn’t use more confidence in general … what I am saying is:


Before you diagnose yourself with a lack of self-confidence and self-belief, let’s just check in with the BS the world is pulling on you: shall we?


  1. You Grew Up Being Expected To Be “nice” …

    Because you were a girl, you were expected to be quiet – to make nice. At school, at home, in public – girls are expected to be the peace-keepers who make everyone happy.
  1. … and you still are!

    Society has a vested interest in ensuring that you never realise how magnificent you truly are. So they try to distract you by keeping you focused on how you either not enough – or too much.

  2. You haven’t dealt with your past-life trauma

    There’s a reason so many women feel called to the healing arts – while also being terrified of stepping into the spotlight. Maybe you’ve seen that meme “we’re the granddaughters of the witches they couldn’t burn”. Oh, but no - we’re the souls of the witches they did And they should be terrified.
  1. You’re not aligned with your true self

    How could you be? You’ve been taught to suppress your needs and desires in favour of taking care of others. How often do you take the time to connect with yourself?
  1. You don’t have a community of women supporting you

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