Who We Are

High Priestess is Australia’s largest witchcraft business, and we specifically care for Southern Hemisphere witches with authentic information and support.

Created by a witch who is a third generation psychic and light worker, High Priestess is here to bring back Goddess worship to the Southern Hemisphere, and eventually - to the world.

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  • The High Priestess Philosophy

    “A world without The Goddess is a world in which women cannot recognise their inherent divinity.” - Leela Cosgrove


    We are living through a time of great societal upheaval – but a lot of people don’t realise that many of the battles we’re fighting right now are historically quite recent.


    It was quite common, throughout pre-Christian civilisations, for women to be revered as witches, healers, and teachers. They were wise women, herb women and midwives. Their communities trusted them as physicians, and to dispense wisdom.


    In these civilisations, there were no monotheistic religions. Every spiritual practice honoured the feminine equally to the masculine. There were always multiple goddesses to counterpoint the multiple gods. Goddesses of childbirth and of war; goddesses who ruled the home, who watched over business dealings, who provided good crops to those who paid them tribute.


    Women were priestesses, with their own practices, not cloistered away from the world, but free to travel and learn – to help people.


    This was true for tens of thousands of years - it’s only in the last two millennia we’ve struggled with an ongoing erosion of women’s rights. Of women’s mysteries.


    In stripping away the Goddess – in downplaying women’s contributions and relegating them to footnotes in history – women lost touch with their own, inherent divinity.


    But now, the Goddess is making her way back into the collective consciousness. In some quarters, She never went away – and those practices that have been quietly kept alive, away from prying eyes for thousands of years, are finding their way back to a generation of women and men who are waking up to the beauty of ancient practices that acknowledge and celebrate duality.

Our Mission

In the tarot, the card of the High Priestess is the female counterpoint to the Magician. She is the illuminator – her crescent moon (long a symbol associated with women and witchcraft) showing the way. She is the keeper of arcane magic, mistress of the deep esoteric mysteries.

The very concept of a literal “High Priestess” seems so foreign from a mainstream societal point of view. Often veiled behind mysterious curtains, She exists only in the tarot, and for those few who work in non-mainstream traditions.

Our Mission at High Priestess is to fundamentally change the societal conversation around matriarchal traditions and women’s engagement with them.

And that all starts with YOU.

In 2020, we astrologically re-entered the Age of Aquarius, and the Lightworkers were called. So many women right now feel the call to something more – they know they’re searching for something, but they’re not always sure what.

We’re here to support you on your journey of illumination. We’re here to give you the history, the knowledge and the tools to rediscover the birthright that for so long has been hidden from you.

We’re non-denominational – we have women involved in our community who identify as Muslim, as Christian, and those who are decidedly more Pagan in their beliefs. We welcome women from all backgrounds to explore their cultural and ancestral histories through their own connection to the divine.

If you find yourself curious about your ancestral ways … about how the world was different before … if you’re a seeker of knowledge … if you feel the call, we’re here to help you discover and  create your own practice and, hopefully, to eventually share that practice with others.