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Witch's Magic Potion Pack - FREE SHIPPING

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Everything you need to make and consecrate your own creativity teas, abundance room sprays, psychic dream bags and much, much more! 


  • Magical Recipe Card Pack:  

    This set of 14 cards includes recipes such as sticky creativity tea, abundance room spray, passion potion, psychic dream bag, deep sleep potion and peace and harmony room spray.

    Think of it like an oracle deck, except for potions that stimulate your creativity, intuition and passion. 

  • Lavender Essential Oil (Cosmetic Blend): 

    The Lavender oil we’ve chosen here is specifically a cosmetic blend, meaning it’s generally safe to use in potions you’re planning to put on your skin (always spot test to be sure you don’t have personal allergies or reactions).

    Lavender is primarily used in love spells and potions although, it’s also very good for dream bags (it promotes lucid dreaming) and protection and healing spells.

  • Sweet Almond Oil:
    Almond oil is a commonly used carrier oil for cosmetics and skin care. Again, we’ve chosen the cosmetic blend here because it’s kinder to your skin. Almond oil can be used on the body, the face - and even as a hair treatment. Almond is typically used in prosperity and abundance spells.

  • Rose Petals (Glass Jar): 

    Rose is often used in love potions (including teas) and rituals, it stimulates psychic powers and is perfect for invoking healing, love, luck and protection.

    Our supplier takes great care to source organic and sustainably farmed herbs for your altar, including these!

  • Amethyst and Rose Quartz Chips: 
    Adding crystal chips to a potion is a sure way to super-charge the effects - this box contains lots of Amethyst and Rose Quartz chips!


  • Calico Bag and Potion Bottles: 
    As a FREE Bonus, we'll also include a calico bag with 3 x potion bottles inside. The potion bottles are - obviously! - for potions, and the calico bag is great for bath, dream or spell bags.