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The Morrigan Success Spell Kit

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Our very own Business Witch, Leela Cosgrove, channelled this spell from one of her Patron Goddesses, The Morrigan. 

If you're not familiar with The Morrigan, she's the ancient Celtic Goddess of War. Leela says, 

"In ancient times, war was how people grew their empires - in this day and age, thankfully, we've found better ways to get ahead in life. And so I see the Morrigan, rather than as a Goddess of War, as a Goddess of Ambition.

I have worked with her closely over years to grow my own business to multiple millions - whether you're looking to kick major financial goals, a quick influx of cash, or just success in some kind of goal you're trying to achieve, The Morrigan has got your back!"


Our Success Spell Kit Contains: 

  • A pouch of Elderflower
  • A pouch of Calamus
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil
  • Bloodstone and Labradorite crystal chips

And for a LIMITED TIME: a bonus candle (our Samhain tin candle)


Never fear, we'll email you detailed instructions of exactly how to create and activate this spell - so simple and easy, even a novice Witch can cast!