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Inner Child Spell Kit

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Are you interested in exploring inner child work but don't know where to start? Honestly, we can't blame you - for a lot of us this is a hard topic to approach, and then you add in all the do's and don'ts of witchcraft and often it seems easier to just keep ignoring the little one inside of you. But it doesn't have to be that hard! By simply connecting with our little, it opens a channel of communication that evolves organically.

This kit will bring your inner child out to play and provide you with the guidance you need to connect with her. It also comes with an Enchanted Forest Oracle deck to help you divine answers to any questions you - or your little - might have. It's time you lived the life you both deserve.

Included in this pack is:

* Healing Your Inner Child Ritual

The Enchanted Forest Oracle: a 33-card oracle deck with all the whimsy and magic of an enchanted forest. This beautifully-designed deck can be used to divine answers to questions, or to simply guide you through your day.

* The Fae Forest Potion is a tin candle made exclusively for High Priestess: it's scented with Black Raspberry, a scent to bring forth the feelings of walking through wild, magical brambles. It has hints of peach and vanilla, and is a gorgeous and comforting scent. The candle is decorated with rose quartz and birch leaves.

* Natural Sea Shell: this beautiful shell can be used in your craft in a variety of ways. Create charms, use it as vessels to cast spells, or a tool to help focus intent and energy. The shell also makes a great altar piece, and offering for sea deities. Put it to your ear - what can you hear?