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How to Embody the Egyptian Priestess - Online Course

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Why are so many of us still obsessed with the idea of Ancient Egypt?


Perhaps the most enticing of what we see of Ancient Egypt is the uncovering of a world where Magic and Ritual were a part of every day life. For many of us, this concept speaks deeply to our souls. The very idea helps us find a missing piece of ourselves.

A world in which Gods and Goddesses were as real as family members – where what you wanted could be achieved by visiting a temple and laying offerings at the feet of your chosen deity.

A world where the veil between the practical and magical was so thin as to be imperceivable – where awe and joy and magic were simply a part of every day life.

In this online course, you'll discover how to weave the ritual Magic of Egypt into your every day life. 

The Egyptian Priestess online course comes with more than 50 pages of content, including: 

  • Ritual work for creating your own sacred temple space
  • Exclusive artwork and in-depth background on 10 Egyptian Goddesses (along with ritual oil mixes for you to make and invocations for each of them)
  • Traditional Egyptian Spells
  • Audio recorded meditations and trancework

And much, much more! 

The Egyptian Priestess Online Course is a one-off payment - not a subscription. Your purchase gives you lifetime access to the course. 

Once purchased, our team will send you over login details to access the online course materials.