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Online Grimoire

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What’s inside?

  • Deities
    This section focuses on how to choose a pantheon that works for you. We cover why it's important and how to choose one, and we have run-downs on the major pantheons and their histories.
  • Spells and Rituals
    Here, you'll find spells and rituals for various outcomes. Each includes a list of what you need, and full instructions for how to complete it. We've also filmed some of these spells and rituals so you can really visualise what they look like
  • Meditations
    I know a lot of people struggle with meditation, but it really is a hugely important part of your practice. It's where you can connect with your guides or your goddesses, ask for advice, receive messages, and more. In this section, we’ll introduce you to a different kind of meditation than you might be used to – rather than clear your mind and think of nothing, you’ll be guided through a mystical journey of discovery (Even people who normally HATE meditation, tend to love this way of doing it!
  • The Temple
    The Temple houses simple instructional information on a variety of craft topics, such as how to create an altar, how to create a book of shadows, and more.
  • Sabbats
    Information on the different sabbats, with a Southern Hemisphere focus. It includes notes on what the sabbats are, and how you can work with them.
  • The Library
    Articles from amazing contributors from around the world, exploring different mystical themes.
  • Fiction
    A selection of short stories and poetry, with a pagan or witch focus. We are taking submissions for this section from our members.
  • Interviews and Workshops
    Each month, we'll be talking to experts in our community -- druids, shamans, lightworkers, astrologers, and others. As an Online Grimoire member, you'll have the chance to be on these calls live (via Zoom), and we'll also post the recordings here.
  • The Apothecary
    Detailed information on how to work with various herbs, oils, potions, and more.

The Online Grimoire is a wealth of knowledge for witches, new or established. 

Whether you're just getting started on your journey, or whether you're honing your skills, the Grimoire keeps all the information you need in this online treasure trove. 

You’ll find videos and instructions for spells, rituals, and correspondences, meditations, information on how to connect with Goddesses, and interviews with shamans, druids, astrologers, and more.

This product is a digital product.

It won't be shipped to you, but is an online portal that you can log into whenever and wherever you please!

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