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Witch Subscription Box

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Our High Priestess Boxes have a different theme each month - our goal is to expose you to different kinds of magical practice, so that you can learn and incorporate different elements into your own practice. While we’ll have a few Sabbat themed boxes (Samhain, Beltane and a couple of others) - we’re also expanding our topics, with a new theme each month. 

This month’s theme is: Egyptian Priestess.

With this in mind, we’ve refocused how we’re delivering to you. 

The centrepiece of what you’ll receive is an in-depth online course, which includes rituals, spellwork and guided trance audios. 

OF COURSE! You’re still getting a physical box full of luxurious and high-quality items you’ve come to expect from High Priestess - with beautiful inclusions from Australian Makers.

The course work has been planned and crafted by Leela Cosgrove and her team, who have over 60 years of combined practice in witchcraft, lightwork, Tarot, psychic and intuitive connection, and Divine Feminine worship. The course content will be designed to suit the modern age we currently live in, while respectfully drawing from the extensive well of knowledge found in ancient traditions and practices.

It’s a first of its kind. And it’s yours, every month.

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